Have songs or backing tracks you need custom drum tracks for? Get real, live organic custom drum tracks from Chris Perra

Tired of programmed drums that all sound the same? Sick of struggling with a drum machine?  Tired of looking for free drum samples and fighting with midi drum software?  Looking for real drums from an online session drummer?  This is "The Place" to acquire professional top of the line Custom Drum Tracks at an affordable price.

Want to see some examples of why you should hire Chris Perra as your first call online session drummer? Check out the video above as well as the Audio/Video Examples Page. There are many styles and examples for you to listen to. Each one has dry, mixed and mastered  portions of the songs so you can hear the quality at each stage of the recording process. Contact me at  chrisperra@aol.com

Check out the Prices page for more information. If you're new to the concept of dealing with drum tracks online, there's no need to worry. Check out The Process page, it has detailed video explanations of everything you need to know about how to get started with the process.  Information on what and  how to create Stems. How to send Stems to me via FTP Sites and how to receive the tracks I will make for you. Want to see what kind of Drums, Cymbals, Mics and Preamplifiers  I have? Check out the Gear Page, listing of my gear as well as a video giving a description of what I use on a regular basis. I'm always upgrading but this is a good idea. The icons below are links to the brands I use. Check them out. I'm proud to endorse TRS Custom Drums, UFiP Cymbals and Headhunters drumsticks.

Custom Drum Tracks link to TRS Custom Drums

Custom Drum Tracks link to Ufip

Custom Drum Tracks link to Shure pg

Custom Drum Tracks link to Sennheiser

Custom Drum Tracks link to Headhuntrs

Custom Drum Tracks link to Audix

Custom Drum Tracks link to AKG